Diagnostic Services

McLean’s Diagnostic Services include the Clinical Evaluation Center, Ambulatory Consultation Service (for mood and psychotic disorders), Internal Medicine and Primary Care Clinic, and Neurology Consultation Service. The programs offer an array of evaluations and assessments to support patients on the road to recovery.

Clinical Evaluation Center

The Clinical Evaluation Center (CEC) specializes in the assessment and stabilization of individuals in acute psychiatric crisis who are thought to need inpatient level of care. All evaluations must be prearranged and take place on McLean’s Belmont campus.

To arrange for an evaluation, please call 617.855.3141.

Please Note: All individuals must have appropriate medical clearance prior to presenting to our Belmont or Middleborough campuses. Please contact your nearest emergency room if you are in need of acute mental health services.

Once you arrive at McLean, our evaluation team will work with you to determine the appropriate level of care that you need.

Those who are admitted as inpatients receive specialty follow-up care, including a full range of expert psychiatric services. This can include medication evaluation and management and behavioral interventions.

When appropriate, individuals not admitted to inpatient care may be referred to the hospital’s array of residential, partial, and outpatient services.

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Ambulatory Consultation Service

The Ambulatory Consultation Service offers virtual consultations to adults with mood and/or psychotic disorders.

Our team of experienced and caring mental health professionals answer questions about diagnoses and recommend best treatment options to help people feel their best.

Consultations are tailored to the needs of each patient and generally include:

  • One-on-one meeting with the patient to gather information about their medical history and mental health concerns
  • Meeting with the patient’s relatives to explore family perspectives and concerns, if indicated
  • Phone contact with current treatment providers, as needed
  • Follow-up meeting with the patient to discuss the consultant’s clinical impression and recommendations

Who We See

Our expert consultations are ideal for adults 18 and over who:

  • Have experienced depression, mania, or psychosis or have been diagnosed with a psychotic and/or mood disorder (such as bipolar disorder)
  • Have questions about the most appropriate diagnoses and best available treatments for their condition
  • Have a mental health care provider
  • Are located in Massachusetts during the consultation


We work with individuals, their families, and referring clinicians to determine if our consultation service is an appropriate option.

For further information about our service or to make a referral, please contact:

Phone: 617.855.3515
Email: @email

We hope to answer your call directly or will return your call or email within a few business days.


Our consultation services are covered by most insurance providers. Self-pay is also accepted as needed.

We understand that navigating the insurance system can be challenging, which is why we assist prospective patients to help determine eligibility. We welcome your questions and concerns.

McLean Hospital accepts Medicare, Massachusetts Medicaid, and many private insurance and managed care plans. More information on insurance providers accepted by McLean Hospital may be found on the Mass General Brigham website. You may also find it beneficial to review McLean’s patient billing and financial assistance information.

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Internal Medicine and Primary Care Clinic

Located on the hospital’s Belmont campus, Massachusetts General Hospital - Internal Medicine Associates, Belmont, (MGH-IMAB) offers McLean a full range of clinical services provided by the department of general medicine from MGH.

A physician who is board certified in internal medicine and trained in advanced cardiac life support is available on grounds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing consultative liaison medical services for the psychiatric staff.

Internal medicine doctors support patients from their arrival at McLean’s Clinical Evaluation Center to their discharge for aftercare and beyond.

In addition to inpatient care, the practice provides a primary care function to all patients on campus in residential and partial care programs.

The practice also coordinates medical-surgical services with mental health care through referrals to specialists at MGH and across the Mass General Brigham network.

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For more information, please speak with your clinical team, or contact us:

Phone: 617.855.2351

This service is located on the Belmont campus, in the Admissions Building. For more information on directions and parking, please visit our Maps & Directions page.

Neurology Consultation Service

At the Neurology Consultation Service, we provide comprehensive evaluation and follow-up to individuals with complex neurologic disorders.

Staffed by trained specialists in adult neurology, our program offers onsite laboratory services, neuropsychology diagnostic testing, EEG (electroencephalogram), and state-of-the-art MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) facilities.

The service is a key component of McLean Hospital’s Department of Neurology. The department is affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital and is a major training site for psychiatry and neurology residents and neuropsychology fellows at Harvard Medical School.

Who We See

Neurology Consultation Service serves individuals with a myriad of conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, seizures (including complex partial seizures), traumatic brain injury, confusional states, strokes, atypical psychiatric syndromes, developmental syndromes (including attention deficit disorder), learning disabilities, developmental delays, multiple sclerosis, brain infections, and brain tumors.

A complete consultation report is available to individuals and their referring physicians. Referrals for continuing treatment are also provided.

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Other Services

As part of our consultation service, we also operate the McLean Hospital Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Neurology (NBN) consultation service, which provides multidisciplinary evaluations for inpatients with complex, multifaceted disorders.

Patients with psychiatric syndromes often also have neurologic disease or an unidentified dysfunction of the central nervous system. Similarly, patients with neurologic disorders often fall victim to devastating psychiatric symptoms. These patients therefore can greatly benefit from combined neurologic and psychiatric care.

Funded by the Sidney R. Baer Foundation, the NBN team consists of psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists, and neuroscientists. As a group we evaluate patients and work together to generate comprehensive formulations and treatment plans.

This multidisciplinary approach is time-efficient and cost-effective, giving the patient and the patient’s treatment team rapid expert opinion and recommended courses of action.


For further information about our program, please contact our coordinator:

Phone: 617.855.2354

This service is located on the Belmont campus, in the Admissions Building. For more information on directions and parking, please visit our Maps & Directions page.