Alcohol, Drug, and Addiction Inpatient Program

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Short-Term Care and Detoxification

The Alcohol, Drug, and Addiction Inpatient Program provides secure, short-term care for adults struggling with substance use disorders.

Treatment incorporates a combination of group, family, and individual therapy targeted at medical stabilization, reducing the severity of the patient’s symptoms, and providing resources and ongoing support to prevent relapse.

The philosophy of our program endorses all avenues that foster recovery, safety, and success of each individual’s journey, including group therapy; self-help groups, such as AA and SMART Recovery; medication-assisted treatments; and individual therapy.

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McLean’s Unique Approach to Care

We understand how hard it is to struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol, but we know recovery is possible. Let us show you why you should choose McLean for your addiction care.

Program Leadership

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Matthew J. Mosquera, MD, Medical Director

Dr. Mosquera is board-certified in general and addiction psychiatry. His clinical interests include optimizing alcohol and drug withdrawal management, addressing co-occurring psychiatric illness in individuals with substance use disorder, and providing care to Spanish-speaking populations. His research interests include complementary and alternative medicine, burnout, and physician well-being. He is active in teaching fellows, residents, and medical students.

Ashley M. O’Brien, BSN, RN

Ashley M. O’Brien, BSN, RN, Nurse Director

Ms. O’Brien previously worked for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections in multiple nurse director roles, including Bridgewater State Hospital. She also served in the military as a military police officer for six years. Ms. O’Brien obtained her certificate as a sexual assault nurse examiner in 2019 and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in nursing as a nurse executive leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the program located?

The Alcohol, Drug, and Addiction Inpatient Program is located on the Belmont campus, on the first floor of Proctor House. For more information on directions, parking, and local accommodations, please visit our Maps & Directions page.

What is the length of stay at the program? What happens at discharge?

Patients stay at the program between four and six days on average. Inpatient stays are brief and focus on acute stabilization and management of crises and psychiatric illness.

Aftercare planning begins immediately upon admission. Patient discharge time is generally between noon and 2pm. Room assignments are based on clinical necessity.

Are visitors permitted?

Visitors are permitted, following program policies. Visiting hours are 2-8pm, seven days a week.

Please speak to the patient’s treatment team for more information. Additional details can be found on the Visitors page.

Is there access to a phone? Are cellphones and other electronics allowed?

The unit nurses station can be reached at 617.855.2771. Patient phone numbers are 617.855.3126 and 617.855.2369.

Patients are allowed to hold and use cell phones with some guidelines to prevent disruption of the program and other patients. To respect the privacy of all patients, photo, video, and audio recording are not permitted.

What precautions are taken regarding restricted items and sharps?

To ensure patient safety, the following items are not allowed on the unit: alcoholic beverages, drugs/medications, plastic bags, weapons, knives or other sharp objects, matches/lighters, glass bottles, mirrors, and glass picture frames.

Patients are not allowed to use personal razors. Unit staff can provide patients with a razor if needed.

What happens when a patient arrives at the program?

Upon arrival at McLean’s Clinical Evaluation Center, every patient receives a comprehensive psychiatric assessment prior to arriving on our inpatient program.

Patients are greeted by unit staff, and a nurse completes an assessment. To maintain a drug-free environment, the patient and their belongings are searched. A metal detector may be used.

What are the general policies of the program?


A staff person is assigned to check on each individual every five to 15 minutes on a 24-hour basis.


The Alcohol, Drug, and Addiction Inpatient Program is a nonsmoking environment. No exceptions. Patients can ask their doctor or nurse for nicotine replacement.


Patients are advised to keep valuables to a minimum when they come for admission.

Items over $100 in value are sent to Security for safekeeping until discharge. Wallets and other items are kept with the patient during their admission. If patients do not need access to these items, they can be sent to Security.

Dress Code

Men and women live together. Everyone must dress modestly and appropriately to the situation. Clothing with alcohol/drug/gambling product names or logos is inappropriate. Sunglasses and hats cannot be worn while on the unit.

Unit Permissions

The following are the patient permission levels. Levels (going off the unit) is permitted on hospital grounds only.

Level 1 (hall restrict): Patients must stay on the unit.

Medically ill patients and patients who are withdrawing from substances may be restricted if they are deemed medically unstable. Patients are welcome to get fresh air on our porch. It is open from dawn to dusk, barring severe weather or safety concerns.

Level 2 (off unit with staff): For activities such as AA and NA meetings and three daily walks.

These walks are used for fresh air, going to the cafeteria, or at times just to sit outside in the nice weather.

What is the daily schedule?

Wake-Up Times

Daily vital signs and treatment team meetings start around 7:45am.

Meal Times

  • Breakfast: 8-8:45am
  • Lunch: 12-12:45pm, 1:30-2:15pm on Saturday
  • Dinner: 5-6pm

Treatment Team Meetings

These occur each morning.


We provide a comprehensive group therapy program utilizing evidence-based treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, relapse prevention strategies, and mutual-support programs.


To promote healthy sleeping patterns, patients are encouraged to retire before 11:30pm. Quiet time on the unit is 11:30pm to 7:30am.

Where can more information be found?

Unit staff are available to answer additional questions. More information may also be found in McLean’s patient guides, including Guide to Arriving at McLean Hospital. Paper copies are available upon request.

Patients may also find this video about our admission process a helpful way to understand how it works. Watch now.

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