Healthy Brains = Healthy Lives

More than ever, kids and teens are struggling with their mental health. The resources below will help you successfully support the young people in your life.

Mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and OCD, affect nearly 1 in 5 children. Evidence shows that addressing the issue as soon as possible is critical.

Understanding more about mental health is the first line of defense in paving a way to wellness, ensuring that adults notice when a child or teen may be struggling and know where to turn for help.

At McLean, we are dedicated to connecting adults and kids to robust resources to learn about mental health. Below you can find a selection of our health articles, videos and webinars, podcast episodes, and more.

Living With Mental Illness

In Their Own Words

Supporting Kids & Teens in the Wake of Tragedy

Girl hugging older woman

When a traumatic event occurs, many people experience great challenges. McLean has developed tips to support coping following a tragic event.

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We Are Here To Help

At McLean Hospital, we are here to support young people and their families while they learn the skills they need to manage their mental health. Call us today to learn more about child and adolescent treatment options.